another stress dream, and a good game

I had a nearly sleepless night last night, which is something I rarely encounter. Normally, I don’t have insomnia, ever. The minute I’m curled up under the covers (and I also like to sleep in a winter hat), I’m out.

And last night I fell asleep OK, but around 1 my eyes snapped open and I couldn’t relax to fall back asleep; it was almost like an anxiety attack without the anxiety-inducing trigger. I drifted off probably near 3:30, and then had this horrible dream where B and I were on this old, rickety, yet incredibly fast Catalina. I had my backpack with my laptop in it, and I kept pleading with Brian to slow down, that the heeling boat would for sure throw my backpack (and all the work I’ve done to prep for classes, and all the diss work I’ve done) overboard. Sure enough, during a hard jibe the backpack goes flying and I’m in the lake swimming after the damn thing, knowing full well I should just let it sink; there’s no saving a drowned MacBook. So I was awake at 4 again, sweating and shivering.

The dream surely was a reminder that I should back my work up. Now. Which I will do, in a sec. But one more note:

I’m planning on using The Wikipedia Game in my research writing class this spring, since we’re reading Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined. Thanks, jo(e)!