some obvious, some not

The posting here has been light-to-nonexistant lately. It’s mostly been a function of the strange manic person I turn into over semester breaks. I spend half my time worrying about the writing I should be getting done, and the other half of my time pursuing completely unnecessary yet all-consuming projects that keep me from my writing. So, I end up feeling virutous and productive AND like a total sloth all at once, which *really* effs with my mood.

This break, I decided to paint the downstairs bathroom. Nevermind the fact that there is an entire roughed-in bathroom on my second floor that should truly be the object of all our efforts at this moment. My reasoning, though, is that *I* cannot be the one to be running plumbing and wiring; however, I do know how to wield a paint roller and blue tape rather handily.

Besides, a bathroom is a small room, right? And I should have been able to pull it off in a couple of days, by myself.

Ha. The new colors I picked, white for the wainscotting/trim and sunny (a bright yellow) for the upper walls, required that I PRIME and then use several (3) coats to cover the OLD colors (cranberry on the wainscotting and cream on top).

Needless to say, a 2-day project turned into a week-long nightmare. The bathroom is pretty now.

I finally sat down yesterday to work on diss stuff. On Monday I wrote a proposal for the Computer Connection at Cs. Today I started planning the calendars for my classes that start exactly a week from today. Hopefully this push of productivity will sustain itself and this weekend I’ll have a whole BUNCH of stuff done.