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My little-J has been three for over two weeks now. In many ways, he is still a baby to me. He is still cuddly and has great cheeks for kissing. He sleeps on the bottom bunk in a room shared with big-J, but he still gets up early in the morning, around 5, and climbs into bed with us. He has tantrums when he’s tired and loves taking baths, but hates brushing his teeth.

He also does some decidedly un-baby things. He likes to play “hide and seek” with George Muttley. This involves J hiding George, mostly in cabinets in the kitchen or under the TV.

He likes marinated vegetables.

He puts his shoes on the shelf when he comes in the house more consistently than any other kids around here.

He flushes the toilet more consistently than any other kids around here.

He says “I love you”–and I don’t even have to tell him I love him first.

And today he scrounged under my desk to find my snack stash. Clearly he has known about this stash for a while; there was all the purpose in the world of his scrounging; no serendipty there. He pulled out a small ziploc of Chocolate Chex Mix (which I find to be not bad, but not really great, either). He deftly opened the zip and dipped his small hand in to retrieve a piece (one of the bread sticks, I believe). He held the piece to his nose briefly, and then licked it experimentally.

He then replaced the bread stick, attempted (unsuccessfully) to close the zip, and put the bag back in my stash place.

*sigh* I suppose I should know that at least my Doritos are safe; no one in this family would lick-and-replace a Dorito.

Note to self: 1) Change snack stash hiding place. 2) Devise strategy for booby-trapping stash, so I know if someone’s been licking my snacks. Suggestions appreciated.


2 thoughts on “snack lick

  1. I recommend the use of tape. Perhaps you could tape up individual packets of snack in wax paper or regular old sandwich bags. Then put these inside a big ziploc. Tape cannot be so easily removed and replaced.

    Ooooh, or put some yucky tasting stuff in the *old* spot, then put your good stuff in a new spot. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em. (Says the girl who was infamous for removing all the frosting from around the edges of sheet cakes, so that each appeared to have a finger-width gutter.)

  2. With me it’s cats, not kids. If I leave a plate of food out, I can count on its being pre-licked before I can get to it. Teakettle especially likes carob; so does Ruthie. Neither tries to eat the carob, just lick it. Which means their depredations are invisible to me when I return to the plate.

    So I sympathize. My recommendation is to surrender immediately and resign yourself to eating pre-licked food.

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