if you were curious…

Dean Karnazes didn’t beat Lance, but I think I’m more impressed with Karno’s performance than Lance’s.

It’s been a funny thing, Lance running the NYC marathon. I’ve always been a little ambivalent about Lance. I think his physical abilities border on the non-human and therefore fascinate me. His battle with cancer was compelling and important. But for some reason I was quite disappointed in him when his marriage broke up (strangely, I wasn’t disappointed in Kristin; maybe I should have been); and I remember reading somewhere that he didn’t treat Sheryl any better when they were together. I guess I have utter respect for him as an athlete, but I’m less impressed with him in other roles. I understand, of course, the unfairness of my assessment.

At any rate, Karno, ultra-runner extraordinaire, used the NYC marathon last weekend as the capstone to the Endurance 50, where he ran 50 marathons in 50 days.

And after having run a marathon per day for 50 days, he was still able to nearly match Armstrong’s pace.

I think I wish Karno had won. But I’m impressed, nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “if you were curious…

  1. I’m no Lance fan, but didn’t he say that running the marathon was the hardest athletic endeavor he’d ever taken on? And doesn’t that make you feel good? Because you’ve *done* that. We’re gonna get academom bracelets, soon…

  2. Did you see the Onion headline
    “Overcompetetive Lance Armstrong Challenges Cancer to a Rematch”. Your dissapointment reminds of something I read in a magazine on the grocery line last week. chris rock is divorcing his wife. a spokesman said something like, “He things she’s a great mother for his children but marriage just doesn’t feel right for him.” I assume that means he isn’t going to fight for custody. Gevalt! As for Lance Armstrong, I think he’s really just a heel.

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