if i had a guarantee…**

that I would look this cute with my hair this short–I’d do it.

But my lovely baby sister Fran has far better hair than I do. Hers is thick and wavy-ful and wonderful.

She did, you’ll notice, inherit my chicken neck, though. Poor thing.

**alternate title: “This is what you get, Fran, for sending me cute pictures of yourself. I show them to the entire Internet.”


6 thoughts on “if i had a guarantee…**

  1. 1. With a really good haircut, you would, of course, look equally fabulous, in your own way.

    2. You do not, however, have the time nor money just now for a fabulous haircut. Maybe I’ll buy you one when you walk (assuming I’m appropriately employed)…just because we all deserve expensive pampering from time to time…oooh…pedicure!

    3. a. I still don’t get how a long, slender neck that shows off fab collar bones becomes a “chicken neck.” You don’t get to dislike your neck til at least age 60.

    3.b. How does a baby sister inherit a neck from you? Is baby sister a euphemism? Hmmm…

  2. The prob, Susan, is that I certainly would look good, “in my own way,” which is NOT like Fran. I cannot pay for a haircut right now–although I DID spend $10 yesterday on getting the marching caterpillar tamed. The Susan that takes care of that said: “Holy crap. Be prepared to sit in that chair for a while.” And I swear at one point she had to lever her foot on the arm of the chair to yank the wax-grabbing strip from my forehead.

    If the slender neck were smooth, not veiny or tendon-y, then the skinny-ass neck might work. But ever since E.T. came out, I find it harder to appreciate the distance from my shoulders to my chin.

    And she inherits it from me the same way she inherits my big knees and horse teeth. I get to joke her for it, and she gets to blame ME for it. Our own interp of the ways that genetics work. So baby sister isn’t the euphemism, “inherit” is. 😉

  3. If by “horse teeth” you mean “fabulous-straight-white-knock-em-dead-pearlies” then yes, you have horse teeth.


  4. The horse teeth thing comes from when we were in grade school. When our little heads sported the gigantic oafing teeth of Grindel, we got jokes about horse teeth.

    So even though the teeth fit our heads *now*, they didn’t always. And so we still joke one another about each other’s horse teeth.

    Granted: horses’ teeth are awfully straight. And we were lucky to not have to undergo orthodontia for ours.

  5. Frannie – you are exquisite. I know you’re just as beautiful inside, so I (and other mere mortal women!)will try not to be consumed with fits of jealousy. 🙂

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