new (to me) free yoga podcast

Yoga Today is a newish (June 06 launch) site that offers free one-hour yoga classes that you can subscribe to like a podcast (if you’re using iTunes). If you are on a PC, you have to have download a program I’m not familiar with, I’M (Instant Media), that seems to want to work like iTunes in terms of retrieving and managing subscriptions, but when I tested it on B’s new machine, it took a good long while to retrieve today’s hour-long session (and we have cable internet). When I moved over to the mac and used iTunes, things were much speedier-quick. Now the picture is (understandably) not as great and wonderful as it is on B’s 22-inch wide screen LCD monitor (why I started out on his machine in the first place), but I’ll deal.

Of course, I haven’t actually *done* today’s session because I have the co-op kids. Also, yoga is sometimes hard for me to get to because one is really not supposed to practice unless one’s stomach is nearly-empty, and mine is practically NEVER nearly empty. In fact, when I feel a little space clear, I normally find something to put there. Right now, it’s taquitos drizzled with melted-cream-cheese-and-salsa.

I’m not running right now because my left foot feels like I have a stress fracture. I have an acute tenderness in the entire front part of my foot, both top and bottom. It hurts (but it’s not debilitating) to walk, but also hurts in a nagging sort of way even when I’m not standing or walking on it. I suppose if it doesn’t go away soon I’ll have it looked at, but the discomfort has been in and out since the Wineglass over two weeks ago. It hurts especially today, probably because I did a good deal of walking around campus yesterday.

At any rate, I’ll be sure to post a review of the sessions after go through a couple. It’s got to be good, I’m thinking, since the instructors tape the sessions in a place called Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming.


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  1. I’ve subscribed to them too, and not yet watched a single one. They are just filling up my HD, and every now and then I delete the ones that sound too weird and flaky.

    Some day I’ll burn them to DVD and tuck them away for when I get back to The Yoga.

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