oh, my bloglines will be full of bold

I would commit to this (a challenge to blog once every day in November), fussy’s take on nanowrimo (the challenge to write a novel, I think, during the month of November).

I may or may not be able to actually blog something substantial every day here at academom, however, I am going to take the challenge up over at zerodraft. And I won’t be publishing over there *every* day, but at least 5 times a week.

So there, I’ve taken what could have been a time-consuming, quite distracting charge and turned it into a mandate to GDD (get diss done). Actually, I shouldn’t even say GDD, it should be GWDOD (get work done on diss). Because DONE, my friends, is a LOOOONG way off.

long. way. off. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “oh, my bloglines will be full of bold

  1. DWGD-Dissertation will get done
    After a year of reading and refocusing and writing that darn proposal,
    To get myself started with text, I decided I’d write 100 pages this summer– two “chapter” drafts. One to five page sections recapitualing stuff I’d learned or thought would be important, people, subjects, etc. I wrote and promised myself I wouldn’t look back. then I cut and pasted, then I sorted into folders. Then I picked one place to begin and began the same way, section by section, in any order, to suit the ostensible argument that centered one of the “chapters.” And so I am slogging along– fingers crossed for one chapter committe readable draft by Halloween (AHHHHHHH! that’s the sound of my committe members opening the attachment).
    So it sounds to me like you’ve got a good strategy– you’ve got a subject, you collect text, and for a while, don’t look back and trust the brain to recognize the patterns as they emerge.
    And run a lot. And eat candy.

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