social software symposium

OK, I need to figure out a way to get here.

The event will be a two day exploration of two burgeoning areas of social software: folksonomy and social networking websites. Drs. David Weinberger (Cluetrain, Small Pieces Loosely Joined), Nicole Ellison (MSU) and Cliff Lampe (MSU) will be featured attendees.

Dang. I really should try to go…somehow.

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5 thoughts on “social software symposium

  1. I should say, this is not because I’m feeling magnanimous, but because this stuff fascinates me and I do not have the time/expertise/whatever to study it! So I need you to…

  2. A bake sale is a good idea. But it’s not even really the money. It’s the fact that I cannot really be physically GONE at the beginning of December. What I need, more than financial resources, is a clone of me.

  3. Silly Madeline.
    If there was a clone of you, we would not allow her to attend symposiums. Rather, we would each use her for our own evil purposes – running, lasagna cooking, Grey’s Anatomy summarizing…

  4. Suddenly, I feel like singing.
    Clone of me
    Why not take clone of me
    Can’t you see
    I’m not good without you

    You’d never have to run a marathon again– you could just run half, or have the clone do the whole thing and you could take credit for it.

    You could have the clone write your dissertation, and you blog full time.

    But what would you do if the clone started a blog though, and revealed personal details about how you were always sending her to pick up the kids and meet with your dissertation committee? You’d have to fire her. You could always have her fire herself though, which would be the same thing.

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