it’s. not. fair.

I am in the second floor lounge of our student center, running mid-term conferences. It is 70 degrees out, the sun is blasting through these south-facing windows, and I am yearning for a nice walk in the out-of-doors.

However, my students are smart and bright and sunny, they’re enjoying this crazy goose-chase of an analysis essay I’m making them write, and I have a new macbook. So I do have things to celebrate.

It is supposed to snow this weekend. Gah.

Enjoy Deb’s race report (below). And for the record, I did not start calling us “team yonker,” one of those fellow running buds did. The irony, of course, is that as a team we are motley: one of us has a heart murmur, one of us has asthma, and one of us is completely bio-mechanically inefficient and crooked. More aptly put, we are “team gimpy.”


5 thoughts on “it’s. not. fair.

  1. “Gimpy Nerds” is more like it.

    Team Gimpy Nerds. Has a nice ring to it. But it’s not as swell as Team Yonker (in honor of our wonderful, brave, inspiring, lovely leader 🙂 🙂

  2. how about “team wonky”? it’s more optimistic about your falling-over-ness than “gimpy,” and still has that nice ringing honking goose-sound like yonker. 🙂

  3. tyratae:

    thanks for pointing out that my last name honks like a goose.

    and thanks for the wonky. I like that even better than gimpy nerds. Now it’s official. we are team wonky.

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