i can’t help it, sorry

Nels used a great word a few days ago:


I’m a huge fan of word-creation. Here, he turns an adjective into a verb. And I love making words into verbs. Reading this word today MADE MY DAY. (Well, my day wasn’t all that, see.)

Plus, the comic he posts is a funny Dilbert one about authorship (Bex will appreciate…) AND it reminds me (because it refers to a white whale) of a Weird Al Yankovic song that I haven’t heard yet but I’d like to:

“White and Nerdy” (parody of “Ridin’ Dirty”).

Because I grew up on “Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch.” And “King of Suede.”

Plus, I like nerds. But you all knew that.


3 thoughts on “i can’t help it, sorry

  1. As I struggled to squeeze in time to write my Watson paper, I jotted notes like mad. And then, when I sat down to write this (I won’t say when…or where…) I kept staring at these initials on a yellow legal pad: EBIGFY. What could this mean? What message was I trying to send myself? Did I mean “embiggen”? Or “biggify”?

    But no. This is the acronym for the book I was working from. More sleep. Now.

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