you know you’re a runner [if/when] (this might get repetitive)

if you know where all the dogs in your town live, and if you know a good portion of them by name.

if you consider ramen noodles “carb-loading.”

You know you’re a scrimping-and-pinching runner if you, instead of buying a new iPod, simply run *only* for as long as your iPod stays charged for. And woe be to the runner who anticipates the charge lasting for a five mile-loop and finds it will only last until mile 3, and then must carry the damn thing the last two miles for no good reason.

You know you’re a damn POOR runner when you need new kicks for the upcoming race, and instead you plan to load up on some Motrin for the inevitable knee and foot pain you’ll endure in the old kicks.

You know you’ve got discipline issues when you have to institute rules for yourself to ensure that you *will* get your mileage in. For instance: “You’re ONLY allowed to shower AFTER you run. If you haven’t run yet today, you cannot waste the hot water!!” (For some reason, this strange self-psych-out REALLY works.)

You know you’re a water-saving, labor-saving, but oh-so-efficient runner if you only wash your running apparel when absolutely necessary (or when your husband says the bathroom, where said apparel hangs, smells like a combination of feet and locker-room, and would you please wash your clothes already?).

You know you’re a quirky runner when you never step foot out of the house with less than two sports bras on.

You know you’re a runner when your idea of quality time with the kids involves bikes, the jogging stroller, several bottles of water, some baggies of Goldfish, and 3 long and scary miles.

You know you’re a runner when you enlist friends who haven’t run since that mile she had to run in high school gym class to go out for a “quick ’round the block??”

You know you’re a runner when you can guess, with decent accuracy, whether other people are runners by looking at their shoes and calves.

You know you’re a runner when you look forward to the next race, not because you’re going to win, or because you’re going to break your own record, even, but just because you’re going to get to go somewhere new to run…with some great running buds.

And so that AFTER the run, you can go to Ponderosa and eat 4 plates of food and still feel virtuous.

Actually, you think that really the only reason you run is for Ponderosa. But don’t tell that to any *real* runners.


One thought on “you know you’re a runner [if/when] (this might get repetitive)

  1. hello! I run so I can eat chocolate. And after having a convex middle for upwards of five years, I run so I can see my belly button without looking in the mirror.
    I love the shoe comment too. I so look at everyone’s shoes.
    Good luck in your race!

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