bites the dust

Well, the little iBook that I have lovingly abused lo these last three years has finally bit the dust. Its horrible physical state– missing key and scratched screen (yes, there is a perpetual hair-like scratch in the lower right corner; I’ve been brushing it away for months now) and filthy everything–have finally given way to a horrible mental state: it will not boot. AT ALL. For a while, it has every-so-often blinked out on me (luckily never during anything important), and once in a while would not wake up once in sleep mode. But yesterday, it simply gave up.

I do not blame it; I have abused the crap out of it. I do, however, need everybody within my internet-earshot to do a little dance for it to boot ONE LAST TIME so that I can get to those files that have not been backed up. Ahem. Ready? K. Start those feet a-tappin’.

In the iBook’s place comes the MacBook (est arrival date Oct 10). ‘Til then, I am relegated to the use of B’s machine, and I am quite out-of-practice in the PC world, so please understand if an email goes unanswered for longer than normal, etc.

And speaking of biting the dust: this week begins the countdown to the bath to corning race, which is this Sunday. Wish us well, and anticipate some major tag-team blogging of the race next week.

Oh, so when you do the dance to get my old iBook to boot, throw in couple anti-rain steps so that this weekend is dry (but it ain’t looking good for that). Wet running = major chafing. And we all know how much I love a good chafe!


2 thoughts on “bites the dust

  1. I’m sure there’s some sort of pagan ritual for each of these…something involving burning of herbs and chanting…

  2. Oh, I feel your pain. That was me in July with REALLY important stuff not backed up and a computer that would not turn on. I sent it in, and they got it to turn on again, but it is still super wonky.

    So I, like you, bought a MacBook, and I LOVE it. You’ll get it to boot again, or perhaps at the “genius bar” at the apple store. They will check it out for free.

    Sending my good thoughts and congrats on the new computer. You’ll love it.

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