the good, the bad, and the sucky

Ok, just an update…

The good: the little J is off the binky. And still with over a month until his third birthday. (Yes, I say that full aware of the irony.)

The bad: it’s been a week, and he’s still asking for it. Which makes a nap out of the question (he won’t lie down without it) and therefore makes afternoons with him nearly unbearable. Build the train set! No! It’s not right! Kick the train set! Scream and scream! MOOOMMM! BUILD THE TRAIN SET! NOOOO! IT’S NOT RIGHT!!! Luckily by 8 pm he’s so strung out on his own bad mood that he crashes the minute I cajole him into bed.

The sucky: he found an OOOLd binky while playing in the yard the other day and came in with it in his mouth, grass and crud and all, grinning with equal shame and ecstasy like a smoker with a butt scrounged from the ashtray outside Wal Mart.

The good: I’ve got a site set up for my diss work, so I don’t have to clutter this *pristine* space with my random notes and kvetching. If you’re interested, it’s here: zerodraft.

The bad: I’m fast realizing that the hours I have free to work on said diss are quickly quickly eaten up by hours I’m using to read and grade papers. I’m going to have to quit running or something.

The sucky: My posting here is from B’s machine; for some reason my machine will NOT let me onto the WRT site or server to post. I can go everywhere else on god’s green internet but I cannot post to my own blog from my own computer. Reason #1 I’ve set up zerodraft elsewhere.

The good: the weather has been great for running. This weekend is the Bud Run in Baldwinsville, a great 10K with the best booty bags, flowers and real soap and water in the port-o-johns, and a chance to see Carol Baldwin, mother of all those Baldwin boys.

The bad: the cool weather really doesn’t last here that long. Next week it will be too cold to run.

The sucky: I need a new pair of running shoes for the Bath to Corning run in two weeks. B needs a new computer. I need a new computer–or at least a new power cord (mine gets so hot that it smells of melting plastic and it becomes too hot to touch), which I can get from the Apple store for $79 or I can take my chances on eBay and STILL get reamed for shipping. Most of them want 18.99 for shipping. Egads.