the weepies

I have a favorite new group: the weepies. Their website somehow reminds me of another favorite of mine, erin mckeown; it’s probably just the birds.

Anyway, those who know me well know I have a periodic tendency toward melancholia. These weepies are not really weepy, but instead are somehow reassuring WHEN one might be weepy. šŸ™‚

Check ’em out. She = Joni Mitchell + Patty Griffin; He = Duncan Sheik + someone I can’t place. Of course, they’re both much more than anyone they’re reminiscent of. But just to give y’all an idea.


3 thoughts on “the weepies

  1. how the heck do *you* know erin mckeown?

    i have a copy of her album made by a friend who bought it off her when she was playing on a street corner in boston, singing as loud as she could in latin. šŸ™‚ “aspera” is TOTALLY one of my happy-songs (and i don’t have that many lately)…

  2. Ummmm…Ms T, I’m wondering if that first sentence reads the way you intended..or maybe it’s just me…


    Also, heard a wonderful singer/songwriter at the festival yesterday–will try to remember to post info on her on my blog tonight…

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