Things are lurching along. With the kids back to school, and the little J starting pre/play school next week, and me back to teaching, and B back to classes, and etc, we are slowly lurching into a routine of sorts.

The baby sitting co-op schedule is different this semester; the good thing is that this semester I’m not paying any cash out. The converse of that good is that I now have, at any given time, anywhere from 3 to 6 children in my house.

Thank god for Knudsen’s pina colada juice and a shot of Cachaca. *sigh*

I’ve been working up to another blog post for over a week, and I am torn between a post about exhorbitant perspiration (mine, when I teach), about my new idea about a blogging aggregator (one that employs an IA crawler that can notify me in some kind of sorting fashion–one that counts words and lets me know when *important* posts appear, a kind of tagging, counting, bloggragating miracle), about running and the upcoming race, about my complete an utter inability to change my body shape, regardless (it seems) of effort (as in, hel-lo? I just RAN TWENTY MILES? can I get some response from you, ass? some kind of perfunctory “OK, I won’t be SO saggy?”), etc.

But alas, no post of such nonsense. Just a note to say I’m here, I’m up to my nostrils as usual, and I’m going to start a once-per-week diss update (not sure which day it will be yet) so that those of you completely UNinterested in diss stuff can avoid reading on those days. 🙂 Because guess what: when I registered for hours this semester, I registered for dissertation hours! No more “reading hours” or “degree in progress” hours. Real diss hours. Which means I should–ahem–start finding some.


5 thoughts on “lurch

  1. I can only speak to the perspiration: have you tried Certain Dri? Use it the night before, then use your regular stuff in the morning. Just be sure to not use it soon after shaving…very ouchy. Now, this doesn’t solve my all-over sweatiness, but it does help the pit-staining humiliation.

  2. yeah, i’m registered for them too. i thought that meant the diss fairy would show up with neatly packaged box of hours, you know, in a matched set with some finite bundle of work to do–3 books to read, 4 pages of notes to generate, 2 pages of highly-condensed prose by sunset…

    let me know if yours arrives; i think mine’s been lost in the mail.

  3. De-lurking to say I’ll be turning to your diss updates for inspiration because lord knows I need some inspiration. I, too, am waiting for those pre-packaged diss hours to arrive–I’ve been waiting for about 9 years now–ack!

    Good luck!

  4. about that perspiration thang:
    I sweated like a pig on the first day of class.
    all the antiperspirant in the world doesn’t do any good when every part of your body is s=w=e=a=t=i=n=g.

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