it came off, finally

So, after a full day of swimming lessons, and a trip to the beach with extra kids, and several other things that put me in a foul mood because today is the last day, really, for me to be finishing my last exam, and because I’m a fool I agreed to babysit the day before I was supposed to be done, but I’m not really done yet but I still agreed several weeks ago to take an extra kid today, and so the day has been a washout. I’ll be up all night, I’m sure, making up for time lost.

But there *have* been some highlights:

J-baby, to whom I should probably refer as J-toddler now, dropped trow at the beach and peed in the sand just under the guard stand. My dumbass self stood in the water paralyzed with embarrassment, and then stoopidly began to SPLASH WATER into the sand where he peed. Like I could somehow clean out the pee from the sand. REALLY. My brain is completely on hiatus.

And that damn toenail finally came off–the one that I was sorely disappointed that I didn’t lose during the marathon–apparently I did lose it, it just took a long while (6 weeks!) to finally come free. Now I’m a really runner: I have officially shed toenails.

And my B received a letter from his college yesterday: he’s one of two in his department to be awarded a full ride scholarship for next year, based on the fact that he is a big nerd. But I really like nerds a lot, so for me to call anyone a “big nerd” is a compliment; I am extraordinarily proud of his over-the-top geekdom.

Did I mention my toenail fell off? Damn.


3 thoughts on “it came off, finally

  1. A. How does B’s news not merit its very OWN post???!
    II. When are we going drinking???
    3. Why am I using so much excess punctuation????

  2. OK.

    B gets his own post later. I’m on a tight schedule.

    Drinking begins when I’m done tomorrow. If you want to drink, I’ll be doing so. Give a holler.

    And the excessive punctuation is a function of my poorly written post. ” I’M A REALLY RUNNER?” Good gravy. God only knows what I’m writing in my exam today. Sheesh.

  3. bravo brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WANT TO DRINK TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey, i’m home. i miss you.


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