comfort (food)

Thanks to my mom for this one.

Just a quick distraction. Here’s another great thing to eat. For this, however, I make no claims about its healthfulness. In fact, even *I* can only eat this every-so-often because while I love oyster sauce, it can be overpowering.

A hunk of extra firm tofu

A pile of cornstarch

Enough oil to put 1/4″ in the bottom of a frying pan

Oyster sauce

Slice the tofu into <1/4″ slices, and then cut them in half (on the diagonal, if you’re daring)

Coat the slices in cornstarch

Fry the slices for a couple minutes on each side (they won’t brown, but they’ll get crispy-clear/white)

Drain on newspaper (paper towels will stick)

Eat drizzled or dipped in oyster sauce–preferably standing over the stove as you cook them

Leave the kitchen a mess, complete with the kids’ half-eaten lunches on the table, dishes in the sink, junk all over the floor (go ahead and throw the perishables in the fridge). Rush back into the office to continue exam prep

Oh, yeah. Ignore that last step. It’s mine.


One thought on “comfort (food)

  1. While tofu is not my thing, that does make me think of some of my fave comfort foods. Although, being at work, it makes it a little hard to enjoy right now..but soon…very soon!

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