uncle (or, the pain junky)

I’m crying uncle. Uncle! already.

Here’s what I’m giving in to:

1. the pain of this exam process. It is really, really, grueling. Obviously, me crying uncle doesn’t actually make the proverbial uncle* quit twisting my arm behind my back–the twisting will continue for another two weeks–but UNCLE, ok?

2. the marathon. The running buds have been at me since, oh, the day AFTER we did Buffalo to start training for Harrisburg (thereby starting the “one marathon per state” insanity). I have, of course, said NO NO NO. And they’ve cajoled, and said “Oh, come with and do the half while we run the full,” and “Just do the training with us.” Yeah, right. Any marathoner knows that you stand in the FULL MARATHON line to pick up your packet, looking smugly at that HALF MARATHON line, which is always 3 times as long (because most people have some sense, really). The 18-week training starts next Monday. I’m in, babes. I’m in. Because I’m giving into the PAIN OF IT ALL.

*whenever someone talks about crying “uncle,” I always imagine a socially-inept uncle tickling and tormenting some child who is yelling “UNCLE! UNCLE!” I actually have no clue the actual etymological lineage of the phrase. Feel free to enlighten me.


3 thoughts on “uncle (or, the pain junky)

  1. 1. exams=writing marathon. getting done is what matters–getting done with no major injuries, at least.
    2. When I first read “running buds” I thought they were something like “tastebuds.” Like, ya got the runnin’ jones. tee hee

  2. As one of the aforementioned “running buds”, let me just say “YIPPEE!!!” I’m so happy that our whining, wheedling and cajoling have reaped rewards. Guess who will be crying “Uncle” soon? Ha! None other than Oprah, when she learns that we have beat her marathon time. Oh, yeah…we are the definition of speed, and we can leave any and all talk show hosts in the DUST!!! (Leave me my silly dreams, please.) As for the etymological lineage of the phrase “Crying Uncle”, I have always imagined something like you have suggested, only much more perverse and sinister. There is a band in Oswego called “Touched By An Uncle”, so I imagine not a socially inept uncle, but a nasty pedophile uncle. I know – I am twisted and wrong.

  3. Harrisburg better prepare for us, ’cause we are gonna blow them away! Team Yonker is in the house (woot!)!!

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