this is what I want my kids to know/learn/live

If I only teach my kids one thing, it’s this:

“As an opposite to what many believe, the best times in life are not passive, receiving and relaxed moments. The best moments occur in general when a human is stretching her body to the maximum in a conscious exertion in order to achieve something difficult and effort worthy”(20).

This tidbit from
Paeonia, who gets it from Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi.

I should have known to check this author out a few years ago when a beloved fellow PhD here at SU brought some of his work to class. He will be one of the first on my list to read during the week after I finish my exams–also known as “the week during which I will not be sober for even one minute.”


One thought on “this is what I want my kids to know/learn/live

  1. 1. What an excellent quote! Yet, I wonder if too many westernamericantype folks think that such exertion is actually essential, hence the “110 percent” sorts of statements. Since he’s the “flow” guy, it seems perhaps that what we seek is an openness and receptivity that is not passive, but the result of practice and preparation and awareness.

    2. Sign me up for some of that bacchanalia ya got planned!

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