white rabbit salad

You have to be a fan of cottage cheese for this to work for you. A Molly Katzen, Moosewood Original (with my own edits and omissions):

A container of cottage cheese, your choice of curd size and % fat (I like small curd 4%)

2 sweet crunchy apples

1/4 C sunflower seeds (I like them salted, but however)

1-2 Tbs honey (a good-sized dollop)

lemon juice from a half a lemon (or a good squirt out of a ReaLemon)

Chop the apples, throw everything into a bowl and mix, and stick it back in the fridge. If you can’t wait another hour to eat it (I rarely can), you can eat it right then, it’ll still be good. It’s just better really cold. Actually, I eat as much as I need to right then in order to fit the salad back into the original cottage cheese container, which is a good few mouthfuls, and then stow it back away for later.

Katzen also adds raisins and more roasted nuts, but I’m beginning to like raisins less and less in my old age. Strange, I know. I’ll eat them, of course, but given the option, I leave ’em out. And I’m sure more nuts would be good, but I have only ever made it with the sunflower seeds, and I’m fine with it.

And Katzen says to eat it on crispy lettuce, but I just eat it out of the container. Standing over the sink. šŸ™‚


One thought on “white rabbit salad

  1. And I was thinking it needed raisins and celery, and then I realized I was reinventing the Waldorf salad! Still, sounds yummy! (I’ve been eating potato salad over the sink of late–not my best ever potato salad, but good nonetheless.)

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