#300 (or, this is your brain on exam work)

That’s 300 posts, this here one.

Ironic, because this post was going to be about my obsessive nature, namely, my tendency to obsess over certain foods.

Because today I’m eating vegie curry. Again.

My obsessions are eccentric (read: just plain weird), and few of them is particularly useful. I obsess about the toaster oven being clean, but the floor of my kitchen, well, that’s another story. But having a clean toaster doesn’t do much when there’s two weeks of crud on the floor. That is, it certainly doesn’t help the kitchen look “clean,” even though I spend about a half hour every other day or so scrubbing the damn thing out.

Same with the toilet. I’ll clean the toilet, but leave the sink in the bathroom looking like someone washed their scuzzy feet in it.

Numbers, however, are something that I don’t obsess about. When I played sports in school, I thought the least useful thing any of my coaches did was to go over our stats. (I thought this was ESPECIALLY useless when I was on the basketball team, mainly because I was such a poor player that I didn’t have stats; well, I always had plenty of fouls, but you get me). I have only recently, after having been a runner for nearly 15 years, started paying attention to distance and speed. And that is a result of having several good friends whose obsessions have rubbed off on me.

But back to the food obsession. I tend to make jokes that “I’ll eat anything if it sits still on a plate long enough for me to stab it with a fork.” And this is, for the most part, true; the only foods I shun are whole chick peas (they make good hummus, though) and lima beans. But even though I’ll eat just about anything, I will do this horrible thing (horrible to my family, anyway) whereby I’ll cook the same dish several times over within the same week. Sometimes it’s even more neglectful than that: I’ll cook the same dish that they all abhor (CURRY) several times over, causing them to resort to grilled cheese and hot dogs and similarly sub-nutritious meals.

Wow. This post has NO coherence. I’m an obsessed freak, I can’t feed my family properly, and my house is a wreck with several discrete cleans spots.

This is what preparing for exams does to you: makes you find connections in small things. Or, this is what preparing for exams does to you: makes your writing an amalgamated mess of connections that only are apparent and/or important to you.


5 thoughts on “#300 (or, this is your brain on exam work)

  1. Happy three-hundirt.

    Here’s hoping the exam prep is going well.

    And about the chicken curry. I need to find out from you how you make that. Eventually.

  2. Yay for #300!! (Of course, that’s well shy of our (read: my) much-discussed goal for you. . . one. per. day. ahem.)

  3. This is what preparing for exams does to you: makes you think about connections such as these because you will think about anything just to stop thinking about exams for a minute.

  4. Runningburro: when you start blogging, I *promise* to post once a day (though I make no promises about the quality of said posts).

    Sarah: Indeed. Right now, I’m distracting myself with email/blog comments, and listening intently to _Family Freud_ for “Movies with Keanu Reeves.” They missed Point Break, dumbasses.

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