a different kind of camping

Derek posted today about getting ready to get ready for his exams, and the chore of organizing and amassing books and materials.

He’s got a nifty pic up of his bookshelf devoted to exams stuff. Not to be outdone, I thought it would be interesting if I posted similarly, and explained my different(ly) way about getting ready for my exams.

Since they’re in, like, two weeks. And right now it’s all I think about.

I started out with a bookshelf devoted to “exam stuff only.” However, there were two problems with that system (for me): first, bookshelves are kind of static, flat surfaces that crap gets put on, right? If there is ANY flat place where crap can get put in my house, then, inevitably, crap gets put there. What I mean to say is, that bookshelf was NOT my own. As it was in the office, B decided to co-opt half of the bottom shelf for his binders. Hannah came home from our village library this spring with a handful of discarded historical romance novels (like Harlequinn, but not–and btw, what was our librarian THINKING?? those things are definitely for ADULTS not 9-year-olds!!). They immediately went on my shelf. Since it was adjacent to my desk in the office, I was guilty of piling crap onto it as well, mostly teaching books and stuff I needed to grade and etc.

It was a mess. The second reason the bookshelf didn’t work: I had family in this month, we needed to clean the office out so someone could sleep on the futon and use it as a bedroom. I wasn’t going to be able to *really* get to my stuff for over a week, which was NOT acceptable (see above, where I tell you how SOON my exams are!!). I needed to be able to make my exam prep mobile. What I really needed was a nifty library cart (much like the ones in the reshelving room in our library, where I spent an hour today looking for a book that the catalogue SAYS was in the stacks and AVAILABLE but wasn’t anywhere *sigh*). But I don’t have a nifty library cart.

What I have are laundry baskets. Three of them, chuck full of books and notebooks and articles and stuff. And if I had any sense, I’d have one basket for each area, but I’m not even that organized. They move from the bedroom to the living room back to the office. I’m getting a decent upper body workout, too.

But my favorite spot to camp right now is in the dining room, which is the geographic center of the house. I have a window I can stare out occasionally, the fridge is only a few steps away, I can hear/see the kids where ever they are in the house, and the natural light is good enough to read by, but not so bright I can’t see my screen.


2 thoughts on “a different kind of camping

  1. I have yet to come up with a good system — my latest effort involves a wheeled filing system — I saw one at LWP’s house, and it looked useful. . .

  2. looks good, sugar. you remember, of course, my photos of milk crates. i didn’t photograph them again at my mother’s coffee-table throughout christmas “vacation,” but… yeah. shelves shmelves. sometimes that shit’s just gotta be portable.

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