how do you know my mom’s left town?

1. half of the coffee cups in my house are filled with bacon grease

2. half the books in my house are gone

3. the TV is on for the first time in a week

4. I’m going through withdrawal — my body became physically addicted to lunch buffet. When lunchtime came around today, I wandered aimlessly into the kitchen and found a fudgecicle and some left over baba ghanouj. Who can live without a lunch buffet??

5. I’m the first one up in the morning again

6. my recycle bin is FULL of seltzer bottles

7. the fingers on my left hand have developed some tough skin–callouses I’ll have to keep up until next month, so when we play the wedding (and practice frantically the two days prior) I won’t have wussy sensitve fingers

8. my kids tell me “I’m bored. I wish Grandma was still here”

9. I attempt pigtails, with less success than she has–my hair is too long and instead of “cute” I feel like “old lady trying to wear pigtails” (ironic, huh?). I twist them into Princess Leia buns, but I don’t have *enough* hair for that, so it looks like I have mini-cinnabons sprouting from my head. *sigh* Can’t win

10. I miss her

11. I’m back to the blog


2 thoughts on “how do you know my mom’s left town?

  1. Your mom’s a true Southerner. It has taken me years to learn how to cook without bacon grease. And when the green tomatoes start coming in, I throw caution (and cholesterol) to the wind and stock up on bacon grease to fry those lovely little darlings in. Olive oil just doesn’t get it.

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