Deb, Runningburro, Rainbowhair, and I are off tomorrow afternoon to “The All America City.” I’ve always wondered, as we travel through Buffalo several times a year en route to WV, why that sign they’ve got on the thru-way doesn’t say “The All AmericaN City.” I make fun of it mercilessly (all-america because we only do things half-assed–or because we don’t want to shell out the extra cash for an N, etc), but I figure that really the sign MUST be correct or meaningful in a way that I don’t understand because what the hell do I know, anyway?

Well. That was a bit of a rant. Sorry. What I really mean to post about is the fact that this week I have been on the “pre-marathon diet.” Not anything too terribly scientific, but I have deprived myself of most meat, all alcohol, caffeine, soda, and SALAD. I have subsisted for 5 days on whole wheat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, bagels, pasta, bananas, apples, and water. And for breakfast every day I’ve had frosted shredded wheat.

I feel pretty decent. The idea is that you get yourself all carbed up, and keep yourself from the known food items that irritate your GI, and for me, that’s pretty much everything.

I went to Fleet Feet yesterday to gear up, and got a carrier from Nathan Sports. I also got a pair of Balega Enduro Socks, and a goofy hat and 6 packets of Gu.

I ran with the Nathan this morning, and I packed it full of the Gu and my iPod to see if I could handle the feel of wearing it. It rides great, even full of crap. There was no bouncing, and it’s very soft (neoprene is nifty stuff).

And then, because I’m such a big dork, I wore the damn thing all day as I was running errands because I’ve ALWAYS HATED PURSES but of course I always leave my wallet laying around everywhere.

I am a big dork. But I’m a big excited dork (excitement increases dorkiness exponentially, I’m sure) because the race is in TWO DAYS and I’m SO READY.

Bring it on, Beefalo.