it’s a boy!!

Fran had a boy, 9lbs 10oz. We tend toward large babies I think (my J-baby was 9lbs 5 oz). The birth was short and uneventful. Jeff delivered him (with the midwife standing by). His name might be River Grant, though they still had not settled definitively on a name yesterday afternoon. I’ll post a pic here when she sends me one.

And in celebration of baby boys, I offer a pic from my house yesterday, after I crawled into the attic to get the Duplos and several train sets that Jack used to play with.

I brought them down so Josh would have “new” toys and would leave me alone whilst I put my reading notes into DEVONthink (which, let me say, is what every mom needs: A SUPPLEMENTARY BRAIN!!). What you might not be able to see clearly in the pic is Josh’s snack: a small bowl of goldfish. That he’s crumbled into a million dusty pieces.



4 thoughts on “it’s a boy!!

  1. Thanks for the details Madeline! Mom told me that the new baby was 9 lbs and some ozs. I thought maybe she’d heard wrong. At 80+ she often confuses things. Although the *prego* pic of Frannie certainly should have convinced me. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the little one!

  2. congrats to fran & jeff & baby! i hope they keep river. it’s a great name. or maybe i hope they *don’t*, so i can have it w/o being a copycat. you know, to name all the imaginary children i don’t have. πŸ™‚

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