yay. a growth spurt

What, you might ask, am I doing awake at 4:50 am?

My youngest son has been up for an hour, standing at my bedside, begging me for a bowl of cereal. I finally obliged him.


It will be fabulous when ALL my kids can pour their own cereal and milk.


One thought on “yay. a growth spurt

  1. I remember staying at my sister’s house once, when her younger son F was about 2 and a half. In their family, the nightly perambulations were a riot: Everyone seemed to start out in their own beds, but then F ended up in bed with the parents, and dad would move to F’s bed, and so on and so forth. Not to mention the dogs.

    Anyway, since I was a special visitor, using the special fold-out bed in the living room, I got to share my bed with the heat-producing F, who tended to get up to graze in the middle of the night. So they kept a few appropriate boxes of cereal (Cheerios, etc.) on the lower shelves, so that he could help himself.

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