i’m sure i’ve done this before

And if I haven’t done it here, I did it a few weeks ago when Rainbowhair rode his recumbant next to me during the last mile of 20. He asked, “Why do you do this?” in his sweet, gentle, earnest way–without a speck of sarcasm. Dr. Write answers the Running: Why? question today, and I thought I’d add a few of my own justifications (because when I answered Rainbowhair, my answer was “I have no idea!!”).

I run because on the days I do nothing else except chase kids and clean the house, I feel as though I’ve actually done something. Because staying at home and being mom really isn’t doing anything, we all know that.

I run because it makes me feel strong and as though I can handle discomfort and pain. It makes me feel tough.

I run because when I get back I feel motivated to do stuff. Like, to sit on the couch after a run seems like a total waste.

I run because it helps me sleep.

I run because it gets me some time outside of the house, away from the kids (although I do take them with me occasionally).

I run because then I can stop. Nothing feels better (except maybe for, well, you know) than slowing to a walk after a hard run.

I run because I want to set a healthy example for my kids. I want them to see the value in being outside and the ways that things worth doing can sometimes be unpleasant.

I run so Deb (or Runningburro) and I can share our most intimate secrets. No one knows you better than your running partner(s). There is a deep connection made between people who share runs.

I run because I eat too much.

I run because I like races. And only 6 more days until Buffalo!