they killed denny!

I’ve let this slip on occassion, though I’m not terribly proud of it and I’m not one to love on TV that much at all. But I love Grey’s Anatomy. And Monday night, during the last hour I’ll get to see until September or whenever, they killed Denny.

Once as an undergrad, I had an English Lit prof who really was a writer/poet (Sharon Weinstein, if you’re out there, send me an email!!). She was the first person I ever showed any of my poetry to, and she was kind and sharp and honest. She told me once that in order to write well, one had to do horrible things to her characters. Well. I guess killing Denny was as horrible as the writers could muster.

Turned grades in yesterday. On the short list to do this week: continue reading for exams, write this short story banging around in my head, mud the third bedroom, clean the house.

In T-minus (what the heck does that mean, anyway??) 16 days I will have many extra people in my house, so I should probably clean my fridge, too. Blech.


3 thoughts on “they killed denny!

  1. I know! I can’t believe they killed him! And I was just developing a major crush on him too. Sigh. Apparently he’s also on “Supernatural” but I can’t start watching another show now. Not now!

  2. I’m nearly ashamed to say that I spent a half hour searching around for “jeffrey dean morgan” and did find that he’s on Supernatural–and since Grey’s was the only show that I really watch…I might add another one. He’s really that awesome.

  3. I cant believe they killed Denny off.His and Izzys characters and ther ongoing relationship were the only reason I continued to tune in on Sunday nights I dont think I will be tuning in next season if they dont have Denny and Izzy because all the other characters and there relationships are so predectiable and some are just sleezy.Denny and Izzy gave us something to look forward to each week,he was a true good guy and she was a sweet girl that that show really needed that in my oppinion.

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