a list because I’m tired and my writerly organizational skillz have left me for the moment

A quick running report from yesterday, the second and last 20-miler before the race on May 28th.

Deb and I drove to Onondaga Lake Park to run on the 5 mile trail (well, 2.5 mile out-and-back) along the lake. We met Runningburro and Rainbowhair, who planned to ride his recumbent bike in circles around us.

Several quick observations/comments:

1. the first 5 miles, and then the last single mile, were the hardest for me. Miles 6-15 were like CAKE.

2. the magic shoe friends worked really really well until the last mile when my pinky toes felt like fire and my big toe joints should have, by all reasonable accounts offered by my brain, exploded from my shoes in a gross bloody mess. But my knees, for the majority of the trek, held up nicely.

3. water from the fountain at the lake will not kill you, no matter what Deb the Syracuse native says. I drank, in total, over 60 ounces of cold water from the fountain, and I still walk today.

4. I say the “eF” word about three times per mile (counting those that I run/walk alone). Most frequently I offer it as a humorous addition to whatever cute comment I’m offering at the time (as in, “You better NOT run over the f&cking runners!” [she yells to the small toddler riding with training wheels] — Actually, I might have said “god damn runners” but, you know, 6 in one…)

5. Runningburro has now been awarded the title of running nazi. I must note here that Deb relinquished said title graciously. Rb is simply out of her gourd, her little feet a spinning blur and her posture nearly perfect and her concentration intense and other-wordly. Holy CRAP SHE KICKED MY ASS. I am sooo bringing my iPod to this race because NO ONE WILL BE RUNNING WITH MY SORRY ASS. Deb and Rb are both bent on qualifying for Boston, which I have every confidence after yesterday that they COULD. And NO, I’LL BE PARTICIPATING IN NO SUCH NONSENSE. My crooked slow loping self will be content with the accompaniment of Sister 7, Toby Lightman, Arc Angels, and the rest of the crazy, mostly lame-o 80s artists I love.

6. Deb, of course, was able to keep up with Rb. In fact, Deb and Rb bonded rather well, which made me, their running mom, feel choky and verklempt.

7. After a stiff evening yesterday (my left hip was sore), I am mostly unhurt today, which I count as a good sign that I won’t cripple myself in Buffalo. Running 20 miles makes you tired (I could barely stay up to watch Grey’s last night, but by god I did) and hungry (I must have eaten a quart of salsa with corn chips yesterday–and today, well, suffice it to say by 4pm there was nothing left in the house for me to make for dinner).


2 thoughts on “a list because I’m tired and my writerly organizational skillz have left me for the moment

  1. Just in case any body is wondering, I am in no way bitter about being slower than everyone. I mean that with every sincere bone in my body. Seriously. While it might appear that I am sarcastic about running Buffalo trailing miles behind my favorite friends and runners, I will be simply happy to be there and happy that they will be saving me some bagels at the finish line. I MEAN IT. 🙂

  2. Rainbowhair is pleased to have been mentioned 🙂

    The run was fun. I am SOOOO jazzed about the marathon. We are going to kick some butt. And then take some names. And then eat all the bagels at the finish line. Whoo haaa!

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