my newest bestest friends


Runningburro and I had a mini-field trip yesterday to our local Fleet Feet. We each came away with some new best friends. This pic above is the style of my new friends, but mine are a LOVELY ORANGE where these are yellow.

I’m not a fan of orange, but when you go to Fleet Feet, you don’t get to pick, uh, anything. They look at your old shoes, make you run on a treadmill with a camera pointed at the back of your legs/feet, ask you questions about weekly mileage, and then disappear to the back of the store making mental calculations based on your answers.

They *always* come out with the ugliest shoes for me–shoes that are not even on the display shelf they’re so ugly. Orange for god’s sake. But I am obedient and trusting and have only been disappointed when I convinced a salesperson to let me buy a pair of shoes before he put me on the treadmill with them. Those, my last pair, ended up being crap (for me, anyway). But they were silver and purple! Soooo pretty!

So, I get my new friends yesterday afternoon. B is in the throes of his final project (he’s mike-ing a grinder that has about a million pieces, and NO, I don’t really know what that means except that he’s taken apart a grinder and is recreating it in some 3-D program that makes pictures like the ones you see in Chilton’s manuals, where a clutch is taken apart in linear fashion so you can see every single piece and the way it fits in with the other bazillion little pieces). So he’s staying late at the lab, and I don’t expect him back until after dark. But I want to get out to give my new friends a try. So, I tell the kids to get some wheels (bikes or blades), pack the J-baby in the jogger, and we set out. Somewhere along the way, we pick up another neighbor kid on her bike, and Deb manages to catch us and tag along.

What a motely crew we were! Between me pushing the jogger, Hannah zooming down a hill on her blades and screaming because she can’t stop (thanks, Deb, for catching her); Jack darting out into the middle of the road when I say “CAR!” to, I don’t know, see if I’m lying; Josh hollering “YEE-haw!” everytime he spots a swingset or “Buh!” everytime he sees a truck or “Hoo!” everytime he sees a horse; the neighbor kid sweating and red-faced on her bike scaring me like she’s going to have a heart attack trying to keep up (she also crashed into the ditch a handful of times); things were a little crazy.

And then my bladers got tired, so on several different occasions they would one of them grab the jogger and the other grab the back of my T-shirt and I would be pushing/dragging 150 extra pounds of kid.

The entire time Deb is laughing or wondering what the hell she did when she agreed to run with me and the kids. We’ve done it before; she knows that half the calories you burn running with kids is because your heart rate doubles each time one of them decides to trace the yellow line for a few yards. “Jack GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!”

But, the friends were fab. Nary a twinge in the knees. I’m excited, and literally gearing up for our last long run this weekend (another 20)–I’m going back to FF to get a waist pack so I can carry Junior Mints.


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  1. Cool shoes! Now that my exams are over, I’m committed to starting a running program. . . thanks for the example!

  2. I like my new sneaks, too. But I’m still not convinced about the thorlos — kinda hot.

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