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Ok, so the reason I’ve been rather silent here the past week or so is because I’m in the throes of some hard stuff:

This past Sunday the schedule called for our first 20-miler. I prepared myself to be crippled for a few days afterward, but things went amazingly well. I’m proud to say that I am not now and was not even near crippled yesterday. In fact, Sunday after we ran I drove into Syr to meet a few students and was pleasantly surprised that I could drive (a clutch!) without discomfort. The worst pain I endured after the run was when I got into the shower and the water hit the chafe in my gluteal fold. (I just searched for about a half hour for a good pic to link to for that, but alas, I’m not finding anything decent. Imagine.) Also, Deb and I discovered what might be the best candy to eat on a long run: Junior Mints. Soft enough that you won’t kill yourself choking on them, cool enough that they don’t make your mouth a gooky mess, and you’d eat ’em even if you weren’t running (unlike other popular running candy like gummy savers, which I would NOT if I weren’t running–blech).

The kittens grew out of the crib, so I had to move them into the laundry room. This isn’t too big a deal, except the only way to get into our bathroom is through the laundry room, and now the laundry room door is barricaded so the kittens don’t infiltrate the house.

And the barricade wouldn’t be such a big deal, either, except now J-baby has decided it’s time to do the potty thing. I figured he would be a bear to potty train, since he won’t say but three words (though he does have two new words: bee-bee for train, and YEE-haw for swing). But Brian has been sitting him on the toilet every so often these days, and over the weekend he did a couple #2s in the pot, and we’ve been off the diaper ever since (and for the record, pull-ups ARE diapers–the best way to do the potty thing is to put them in those cloth underwear with the extra panels. Yes, I know you have to rinse them out and change their outfit if they have an accident, but good gravy– A PULL UP IS A DIAPER!!) He is doing EXTRAORDINARILY well for a nearly-mute binky sucking 2-year-old.

I’m reading Foucault’s _The Order of Things_. I am going slowly, reading carefully, and finding it not too frightening? Good, even? Like, I understand what he’s talking about (granted, I’m only on chapter 2). I’ve read him in bits and chunks before in readers, and have always found him *useful.* I do understand, especially after chapter one and the Velazquez painting, how people might get a little frustrated with him; however, his work is fitting quite nicely into other discussions of epistemology I’m reading by Robert Scott. [blah blah blah I won’t bore y’all with my exam stuff here]

Gearing up for the end of the semester, trying to stay on top of the multiple revisions I allow my students to submit (that they then wait to submit until the last week of classes). Excited for the summer which will bring warm weather and time off, not excited for the summer because I will be mostly unemployed which will require us to live off Ramen noodles and what ever I can eek out of the garden (and however many zucchini Chuck and Deb will let me steal).


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  1. pull ups and foucault in the same post– I must be at academom.

    I’m with you on the pull ups–YES THEY ARE DIAPERS! They gotta be wet, don’t you think, to figure it out, otherwise, if I’m a toddler and on the swing, or playing a furious game of bang on the pan, or, God knows, deep into the Order of Things, I’m thinking, “What the heck, a little pish, who’s gonna know.”

  2. We gotta get you a better running bra. I don’t care what it takes–we will search far and wide. Oh, and good news for you, because the US population is aging and spreading, new anti-chafing products are on the market! Monistat has one…wonder if it would help… (I worry about your poor skin, y’know!)

  3. Heather/runningburro keeps telling me to get some Body Glide. I just haven’t made my way to Fleet Feet to get it yet.

    I of course cannot see said chafe, but Brian proclaimed that it looks like “road rash”–as though I’d beed dragged along the pavement for a piece.

    God, it hurt in the shower!!

  4. I like hearing about your “boring” reading for exams. Strangely, it makes me nostalgic for my own exam reading. I’d run, then spend the day reading. It was the summer plan. I never read so much difficult stuff in such a short time. I think I’m going to put myself on a reading schedule this summer (to go along with the half-marathon running schedule). Thanks also for the jr. mints tip. Previously I’ve only tried Skittles (which I’ve never loved, but now that I associate them with running, I sort of love them).
    Good luck with your reading. And your summer. I think we lived on pasta with fresh tomatoes one summer. It was great!

  5. That’s what I’m getting at– they don’t feel wet, so they figure, “Hey, Maisy’s got her shoes on backwards, I’ll never find out if she gets out of it if if I get up now! Thank God for pull ups!”

  6. You need not steal zucchini. Rather, Chuck and I will likely BEG for you to take them off of our hands. (They menace and intimidate the other vegetables barging out of the ground like they do)
    Also, as long as you continue to endure chafe-inducing runs with me, I will keep you and yours in all the Junior Mints you care to eat. MMmmmmm…Zucchini/Junior Mint Casserole.

    Ooh…I just had a thought for a fund raiser – I bet photos of your gluteal fold could fetch a pretty penny, thereby allowing you to extend your diet far BEYOND zukes and mints!!

  7. Deb: You are truly twisted if you think I will be posting pics of my gluteal fold on the internet. I’m not THAT crazy.

    I am crazy enough to keep running with you, though. Just FORGET BOSTON!! 🙂

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