kitten profile: Emmitt


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Here’s Emmitt. He’s by far the biggest boy of the litter, with a head twice the size of the smallest’s.

We have to pull him out of the crib once in a while so some of the others can nurse. He likes to lay sideways across mom’s belly, blocking half the teats.

We began calling him “Em-head,” because of the perfect M that his stripes form over his eyes. That evolved into Emmed, which then turned into Emmitt.

He is by far Brian’s favorite, so he is in the running for being the one (or one of the couple) we end up keeping.


7 thoughts on “kitten profile: Emmitt

  1. Emmett is the name of one of my favorite characters on Queer As Folk–a fabulous man, in every way.

  2. I think he’s the keeper…

    First time on your blog… we’re expecting in 5 weeks and my partner just got her ‘mom blog’ set up. (not that i’m crazy about that term) . (truth is, i’m wandering around the internet trying to work some traffic for her blog. Gotta keep the pregnant lady happy.

    I’ll be back however… cool blog. dave.

    ps… we’ve got a 9 month old kittencat here… is the ‘pull them out of the crib thing a huge problem?’ I’m a little nervous about it.

  3. welcome dave.

    I have *always* had cats and babies, and never had a nightmarish “cat sleeps on child’s head in the crib” experience.

    My cats have always been kind of “sniff-sniff, poo-poo” about my babies. Once in a while, I’d find myself sitting and nursing and a cat would leap up, only to find my lap already occupied. But that’s about the only problem I had.

    And, there’s the cat hair that gets all over the baby when she starts crawling on the floor. But again, no harm really.

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