a new mantra and bad email

Today I’m fully better. Taught a really good class this afternoon (only one kid’s eyelids drooped during discussion/lecture). The sun shone! (SHINED! WHAT-EVAR!!)

I’m practicing a new mantra:

“Let me think about it.”

That way, when someone asks if I can do something for them, I will put them off. Then, they will either a) find someone else or b) ask me again and I can then say ::deep breath:: sorrybutnotthistimemaybenexttime.

What’s funny about this mantra, though, is that really I’ve been practicing it ever since Hannah could talk. For the kids, it’s been:

“We’ll see.”

For some reason, though, Hannah and Jack now immediately translate that into “Mommy will say YES LATER!!”

I wonder how that happened.

I have successfully said no (in the past several days) to the following requests: babysitting for the kid down the street (who used to practically live here last year), setting up a blog for a fledgling not-to-be-named-here group, and to TWO (count ’em) extra events for our Girl Scouts service unit.

In other news: in a bad move on my part (bad move = doing anything with email/server stuff w/o first consulting the almighties GR or CGB) I tried to move my email yesterday, as Syr has changed email clients.

For almost two whole days, I had NO EMAIL!! It was surreal, actually. I felt as though I had lost some essential organ or limb. And of course when it finally came back up, I had about 100 messages to wade through.

I’m still wading, so if you’ve emailed me in the last two or so days, I’m not ignoring you, I promise!!