let’s try this again: ANEW

Funny, after I posted this weekend about April being the end of March and therefore the symbolic end of the early-spring funk, I caught the flu.

Talk about irony. But hey–isn’t it always?

So I’ve been sitting, shivering under layers of blankets, for two days. Now, this evening, my throat finally doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing my tonsils against dry concrete every time I swallow. My head is still a thumping mass of snot-making misery, but relatively speaking, I’m on the up-and-up.

I attribute my body’s keen ability to bounce back to:

1. Golden seal. I take it in caplet form, which also has some echinacea in it. But I think the golden seal is what really kicks the crap out of sick. (I only take it when I feel like I’m getting sick, or when I am sick.)

2. Hot lemon water with cayenne pepper. This shit will make you RIGHT. I put a little honey in it too, but I’m not sure why; I sure as hell can’t taste the honey. (A word of caution: do NOT inhale as you sip this drink!!)

3. Otto’s german horseradish mustard. It was the only thing I could taste yesterday, and so I ate it on crackers with some cheese and this fancy bologna that B got for his birthday (yes, our friends are…er, creative gift givers!). I sat down now with a dab of it with some cheese and crackers, and I can hardly bare the burn of it.

4. My children. Having to care for Jack, post-op, who is the BEST little trouper in the world. He rarely complains, and after less than a week he gets into the bath with NO cajoling and lets us apply the required ointment to his sutures (which are in a very *very* sensitive spot) without a tear. How can I be pitiful and miserable when I have him for a role model? And Hannah, who is suffering with a sore throat and headache as badly as I am, stayed home today from school. The weather was gorgeous, and she spent the sunny afternoon outside playing quietly with J-baby while I did some cleaning. I am surrounded by beautiful, good-natured, kids! They asked for cream of wheat and oranges for dinner! I am a fortunate mother, I am.

I am upset that I missed a long training run this weekend, and I probably will not be able to make it up (17 miles). But sheesh. I could also say this: Hey! Since I was sick this weekend, I got OUT of running 17 miles! Woo HOO!



4 thoughts on “let’s try this again: ANEW

  1. My father swears by a shot of ry and lots of blankets, to “sweat it out.” Only rye works, he says.

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Jack, too, poor boy– ice cream all around, I say!

  2. I don’t normally have any good hard liquor laying around the house (or lying around–sheesh).

    But the rye keeps with my heal-it-by-burning-it motif. I’ll be sure to try it next time.

    Gad, I don’t even know what rye is? Whiskey?

  3. Yep– whiskey. Since my father is a vodka drinker, whiskey falls under the category of “for medicinal purposes only.”

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