this one is for susan


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The sometimes-our-cat who we routinely bring in for the winter had kittens last week.


They are exceptionally cute, and the momma cat was smart enough to birth them in our downstairs pack-n-play (for which, fortunately, J-baby has been too big for nearly 6 months now; I just haven’t taken it down).

There are: two brown tigers with white bellies, two black (one has a spot of white on the neck, the other is solid), one tortoiseshell calico, one white calico, and one tuxedo. If anybody needs a cat, they’ll be ready in about 7 weeks.

In other news: there is too much other news going on right now for me to cover. I went to Cs, saw some great stuff and some scary stuff (more later), visited my family extensively, and came back exhausted. This week Jack had minor outpatient surgery (the impetus for which deserves a post on its own–but whether I’ll ever get to that…well). I’m trying to keep my classes from scattershot fragmentation (the result of spring break, then me missing for Cs, and then this surgery stuff). I’m trying to get a foot hold back into reading for exams, since I haven’t looked at a book in two weeks.

I’m trying to care about running. I’m trying to care about eating a little better, and trying to get up a little earlier. Trying to not let the housework pile up.

And the sun is helping. And I’m trying.


5 thoughts on “this one is for susan

  1. And how is crack rock doing? Is she a happy momma? (And is her fur starting to grow back yet?)

  2. She is back to being crack-rock skinny, that’s for sure. And while she is a good momma, she is still mean as a witch to my other cats (her meanness is especially acute right now), and she is still half-bald for god knows whatever reason.

    Once they’re all old enough, I’ll treat them for fleas, which is probably why she is so mange-y.

  3. repeats OFTEN “i do not need another cat i do not need another cat i do not need another cat”

    but o tux babies are my weakness. can’t resist a well-dressed kitten!!!!! 🙂

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