where I am unable to sustain

As in, I don’t have the attention span (or time) right now to discuss anything *important.* So, here’s a little of what’s going on:

1. The training is going well. I have managed to maintain my weekly mileage so far, and considering how crappy the weather was last week, I’m stoked. Also, the weather looks like it’s on the upswing, at least for now. TWO DAYS OF SUN in a row, and warmer temps on tap.

2. Reading progress on the exam stuff is lurching, but steady. I’m having trouble juggling reading for the three areas, two of which are quite related (and so that isn’t tripping me up too much) but reading for the third, which is quite divergent from the first two, trips me up every once in a while. My problems come from this strange urge I have to *make everything fit* or find connections and patterns and etc throughout everything (as making such links increases my chances for remembering things relationally–I find this is how my memory works best).

3. This weekend Hannah asked me, as she was folding some laundry, “Where is the friction in *my* jeans, Mom?” Gah. Too much Fallout Boy. I explained to her what friction was, and that friction could happen anywhere in any piece of clothing. I lifted my arm and showed her the grody red crusty spots I get where my jog bras chafe my skin into rough near-callouses. “This,” I declared proudly, “is the result of friction.”

“Ew,” she winces. “That’s really gnarly, Mom.”

Dodged a bullet there, I did.

4. I’m working through something this semester that is completely new to me, and is giving me some interesting perspective: a baby sitting co-op. It’s not a huge co-op (in fact, right now it’s just me and another mom). It’s saving me money, certainly, and it’s less of a time commitment than I thought it would be. Also, on the days I have her kids, I am compelled to get up early and clean the floors (she has one crawler/walker) and while they’re here I do a lot of housework, since I can’t really do anything that requires more than my cursory attention. In all, it’s working out quite well. The only drawback is that when my co-op partner cannot take my kids, it’s normally because she needs *me* to take hers–so I do a lot of scheduling acrobatics.

5. New term here in the house: “Jackcident.” Jack often says “It was an accident” to show how he didn’t intend to ____ (fill it in: hit Josh with the truck he threw, rollerblade into the table and knock over my water, sit on the cat, etc). I’m trying to teach him about accountability–that accidents, while certainly not something done purposefully, are still the result (usually) of an action that could have been avoided provided the actor gives said action proper forethought. We are still working on this concept of “forethought.” Jack has not yet come to that place where he can think ahead, apparently.

6. New favorite sandwich (to replace peanut butter and honey): vegetable cream cheese, green onions, and maybe some turkey or meat (but entirely unnecessary) on a bagel or other hardy (hearty?) roll.

Going to make one right now.

Note to self: stop and buy some breath mints on the way into school.


One thought on “where I am unable to sustain

  1. 6. Now, imagine those yummy sandwich fillings on a tasty tortilla (or “wrap” as we now say), neatly rolled up and so easy to eat on the go! (Sudden company: slice that roll into little pinwheels and arrange on a pretty paper plate. Martha Stewart for the non-omnnicompetent.)

    5. “Accident” from me as a smallish person usually referred to failure of forethought re bladder needs. Which often resulted in one of my father’s favorite sayings, well into early adulthood: “That’s the problem: you just didn’t *think*.”

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