how this day has been crap

Well, most of it I won’t talk about, I guess. The stuff I can talk about:

I’m losing one of my best friends today. We said goodbye last night in the only way we know how; B went to help move the heavy stuff, and I stood around feeling sorry for myself as her house became increasingly empty. We shared a really great meal, the kids played and visited, and I kissed her a bunch.

This morning in a flurry of misunderstanding, confusion, and busy phones, I missed running with D.

This morning we scrambled to clean the house for B’s brother, who at the last minute announced he was coming to visit, and then called at the last last minute to say he wasn’t. I don’t blame him–he got caught in a band of lake effect south of Syr and being a SE Virginia boy, was not interested in navigating a white out on the interstate. And I suppose I should be happy that the house is clean. But that’s like being happy when the little boy I babysit pees *all over* the toilet, walls, and bathroom floor and I have to bleach the entire room, and I’m grateful for the necessary opportunity to disinfect the bathroom. Or something.

And of course there is the snow, the cold, and the GS cookie booth sale that I have to look forward to in a couple hours.

I just want to crawl back into bed until spring.

Edited to add: And the catalyst for this post in the first place: Rebecca’s mom has passed away. There’s just nothing to be happy about today.


5 thoughts on “how this day has been crap

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your crappy day. If it’s any consolation,I’ve had a few crappy days myself recently. Be encouraged. Things will get better.

  2. i ♥ you.

    won’t fix everything, but maybe another coffee (& this time bring your spiking bottle–or did you actually drink it & i should get you another?) will help?

  3. Yes. February, where I’m from, is on the upswing into spring. Here, February is the twisty-slide into March, which can be worse than January in terms of precip (SNOW) and temp. Neither of which is particularly spirit-lifting for a runner. :/

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