:shudder to think::

As a runner, I will *never* be able to pull off shoes like these. Not only would my usually-cranky and on-the-verge-of-arthritic toe joints complain voraciously about such confining straps, but my arches and heels would protest the lack of cushion and the (very minimal) rise. Further, my feet would be *ugly* in such shoes. It’s gotten to the point where even sprucing up my toenails with a little color isn’t enough to make them passable in sandals; I have developed huge crusty callouses on the tips of many of my toes.

I wonder, frequently, what I will do when I have to go to job interviews. I’m thinking some nice, doddy-looking (and plenty expensive) Birks will have to do it. Until then, though, I’m boycotting all other shoes except runners. Nice wide toebox, cushion-y ride, stable heel. I’d rather spend $100 on some Brooks *any* day.

Because really. I couldn’t chase a kid in shoes that didn’t have some sort of strap across the back! They’d outrun me in a heart beat. And for now, I can still run faster than *all* of my kids. For now, anyway.

PS: This post is simply me attempting to feel better about the fact that I cannot wear or collect totally cool dressy shoes. This post stands as the excuse for my owning 6 pairs of running shoes, and my excuse for planning on buying another pair very soon.


5 thoughts on “:shudder to think::

  1. This also probably says something about me and the fact that I *have* to chase my kids. Like, someone who has obedient, sane children who listen when they say “Don’t run into the parking lot, for Jiminy’s sake!!” can actually look nice when they go to Wegman’s.

    Not me. I have to be ready to save the damn endcap full of Teddy Grahams before the 2-year old pulls it down onto himself.

  2. Adorable shoes she’s pointing out there. Have to say, I don’t so much like the mules, because they go “slap slap” when you walk, and I feel unstable. No running after buses, plus I can trip and fall on a shadow.

    Now these: http://store.nordstrom.com/product/product.asp?styleid=2892586&category=2376778~2372808~2374961~2375260&PrevStyleID=2883300&NextStyleID=2883972

    They’d do you well in an interview. Plus, you can quickly slip them off and put on your running shoes.

  3. If I wanted to wear “femme” shoes, I’d have to buy them from a place that caters to cross-dressers — my feet are wide, wide, wide.

    Of course, I only buy shoes that are suitable for battle (kicking the crap out of muggers, protesting, stomping on the toes of slow-pokes, and so on). This pretty much eliminates are “women’s” shoes.

  4. ahem. that should be “all womens shoes” not that tangled mess of a phrase that I’ve got in the original post.

  5. My feet are wide wide wide, too. And re: shoes for battle: in high school I *always* wanted to wear Doc Marten’s boots but never could because the buggers were always so freakin narrow.

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