cruel irony

Two problems stymie (gah. Moveable Type needs spell check!!) me as I *really* *really* try to do this exam prep business.

The first: I cannot quit adding crap to my lists (no! none if it is crap!! but y’all know what I mean!!). I keep coming across great stuff that I feel like I cannot *not* read (like this interesting study by Susan Herring), so I read it, and then add it to the list, and don’t really get anywhere in terms of “checking stuff off.” I’m treading water, at best.

The second: the olde blog thing [here’s the bare bones exam blog], used for keeping track of reading and note-taking, just ain’t doin it for me.

I *cannot* remember what I’ve read, or what I’ve written, or what I’ve thought when I simply post to the blog. I CANNOT. What is wrong with me?? I’ve not given up, but I am going old school for now. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been simply keeping notes in a regular old spiral, using my different colored felt tips, and feeling much better about what I’m reading and retaining. I planned to go back and post a lot of what I’ve written in those notebooks (yes, plural!), but now I might be too far behind.

What irony.


8 thoughts on “cruel irony

  1. Every. Single. Time. I go to the grocery store or (joy!) office supply store, I prowl their office supply offerings and buy anything that I don’t already have—pens, notebooks, post-its, highlighters, etc. Because I’ve learned to write in whatever media feels comfortable for the moment or the project, and I’ve learned that the color and texture of the tools matters. It’s why god made office supplies. I have my OmniOutliner, my Palm, my blog, my word processor, my theme book, my index cards, my post-its, my legal pads—shall I go on? Stop me before I write again!

  2. yeah, ready to be *done*–but not ready to take ’em. 🙂

    and I have to stay *out* of the supply aisle. I stay away from Office Max entirely. I spend entirely too much money on markers and index cards (with which the kids inevitably abscond and I rarely get to use, anyway).

  3. 1. You will never be fully ready.
    2. You are already ready enough.
    3. Trust me on this. I know.
    4. Really. I do. You know more than me on lots of things, but this one I know.
    5. Really.
    6. HUGS!

  4. plus you’re allowed to change your lists. when you find new cool stuff, consult w/the peeps about what you can drop to trade this in instead. 🙂 cuz remember it’s your project!!!

  5. it’s not your life’s work, sugar. you do *this* part, & then later you mix it w/the stuff you didn’t get to yet & do the *next* part.

    or at least that’s the theory i’m working under!

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