a turning

yeah. 30.

I feel as though I’ve earned this, this 30. It sounds venerable, and wise, and lovely. My most excellentest Brian threw me a surprise party, and my baby sister came to visit (a surprise as well).

At the party, a friend asked who was older, me or Fran. oooh HOOO! I laughed uproariously (Fran is 8 years younger)!!

And while there were many MANY highlights from the party, I’ll have to postpone that post until I get some pics (I didn’t take any myself). What I will offer, though, is the inscription from the card that Deb gave me:

” Fear not! Being 30 has decided advantages–you have moved up one age category, and will no longer be competing against those damned 25-29 year olds! (A pox upon their youthful, speedy legs!!) Let me know if turning the big 3-0 compels you to acquire facial piercings. I’ll gladly go and hold your hand. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

Don’t I have GREAT FRIENDS?!


8 thoughts on “a turning

  1. The best part about the party? Leftover enchiladas. Seriously. What does B put in those things, crack? Is his recipe top secret or does he share? I only have 5 left, and am on a strict rationing program, hoping that they’ll last ’til Friday.

  2. Such a babe (both in youth and attractiveness), yet so wise! So smart! So fun to hang around with!

  3. ooh, ooh, are there still leftover enchiladas? bring us leftover enchiladas! 🙂

    love you, sugar. & we had a *great* time being jungle-gyms!!!

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