back on the road again

After a huge blogging sabbatical, I’m back on the road. A few things to report:

1. Teaching this semester appears as though it will be quite enjoyable. I have one class in which out of a roster of 20, only 3 are women, and I *was* anxious about the dynamics. But it seems like a good group so far. I have an adult education course with a roster of only 6, and it is an absolute blast. The students are amazing, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, opinionated, talkative, and just generally a great group.

2. Deb and I registered for the Buffalo Marathon. Our training schedule, a variation of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate program is 18 weeks long–the exact number of weeks we have until the race.

3. After having counted the number of books and articles on my exam reading lists, having planned tentatively to begin writing my exams at the beginning of May, and having counted the number of days between now and then, I have found that I will have to read roughly ONE BOOK PER DAY between now and May. This number includes ALL the books on my reading list–even those I have already read (which probably comprise one quarter of the lists–so my estimate is a little bit generous.

4. Yesterday I finished two books–so I’m already ahead of schedule!! (Never mind that I’d been reading them for a week now.)

5. Have plans in the works to actually attend 4Cs this year. This is only physically and economically possible because a) a lovely friend agreed to buy my plane ticket now so I can pay her back later, 2) my greatest aunt and uncle live in Wheaton so I will have free lodging, and III) Brian is not working, and so I can ask him to strategically skip a few classes while I’m gone so he can take care of the kids.

SO: one book a day, a few miles a day. I can get things done, I will.


6 thoughts on “back on the road again

  1. Lovely to have you back! If only some of those books came in audio versions, so’s you could listen to Bordieu while you run…

  2. ::cheers wildly for the reading & the running (i’m glad you take care of that brand of nuts-ness around here so i don’t even have to *think* about trying it) & wheeeeeeeee we’re going to chicago!::

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