lies runners tell themselves

Senioritis offers: Lies cyclists tell themselves, and since it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, I figure this is as good as any excuse to write some. Of course, my lies are for those of the foot racing sort.

1. You can run in those old shoes. (Well, sure you can, if you want your knees to ache for days.)

2. You can run that 10K (or 15K, or 8 mile trail run) you haven’t really trained for properly. (Well, sure you can, if you want to walk like Red Fox for a week.)

3. You can eat that/those empanadas (or pizza, or burger, or whatever insert high-fat high-calorie delish dish here); you’re running later! (Well, *possibly* running later; see #4.)

4. I’ll go tomorrow (later, tonight, in the morning, etc). ( No, you won’t. You’ll simply wait until the next day to tell yourself you’ll wait until the next day. GO NOW.)

5. But I’m waiting until it’s not so cold outside. (You live in CNY–it ain’t getting any warmer.)

6. But it’s freezing rain!! (So? What’s your point? You ate FOUR empanadas!!)

7. And it’s dark out. (That’s what you have a reflective vest for, you dolt.)

8. But my iPod isn’t charged!! (It will be nice to have a quiet run.)

9. I should do the dishes, really. And no one has any clean underwear, either. (Well, if you’re gonna stay home, you should be reading for exams, not doing housework.)

10. I can’t read for exams right now, I haven’t run yet today. (>sigh<)


4 thoughts on “lies runners tell themselves

  1. I love it.

    Here’s my addition:
    11. I can run through the pain. In fact, running will probably help. (No, you’re really injured. You need to rest, this is the ONLY way your injury will get better.)

  2. Re #10: I have to turn it around. Once I’ve cycled, I’m brain-fried. So I have to postpone the cycling until as late in the day as possible. Except during those periods of heinous exercise addiction, when I jump out as soon as possible in the morning, ride as far as possible, and stay in a half-conscious haze for the rest of the day.

  3. I tried E-mailing you but I keep getting unable to deliver messages. I couldn’t help it, and created another blog about Inarú, since I have that sickness all parents get. Can’t-help-talking-about-my-baby-itis…

    E-mail me with your new address when you get a chance!

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