what did I over the break

1. Gained 10 pounds, easily, by way of crab dip

2. Ran never.

3. Read fiction (Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen–good stuff).

4. Spent as many free moments with my sister as I could.

5. Contemplated materialism and what it’s doing to my kids.

6. Dusted off the Dan Crary Taylor (didn’t even have to tune it–that’s how GOOD it is!!) and learned how to play “Rain” by Patty Griffin.


3 thoughts on “what did I over the break

  1. Glad you liked the Franzen books — it’s one of my faves. . .

    I ran once. . . down HWY 1 in San Simeon. It was fab 🙂 I saw not one, but 5 (!!) Great Egrets. . .

  2. MADDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a good break. And that you read some fiction. I liked Strong Motion. Actually, I didn’t like it as much as The Corrections when I first read it, but it’s stuck with me more since then. Let’s talk soon. Mikey

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