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…Deb, my lovely next-door neighbor and running friend. She has done me the great honor of guest-blogging this past weekend’s run.

And for the record: we did NOT put our hands in horse poop, and *she* found this crazy run, I just registered us for it.

Holy crap was it hard. But as Heather says: next year, we’ll be READY!!

This is us, PRE agony (from l to r):
Deb, me, Heather.


3 thoughts on “introducing…

  1. Well, I’m not really a running partner. . . I just make occassional cameo appearances. Of course, I like to think of it as being part of M’s extended posse 🙂

  2. You SOO ARE a running partner!! We are a total posse. 🙂 You just don’t live in Parish, so we can’t hang as much as I’d like.

    But you’re in on *all* the crazy adventures that we get ourselves into. Promise!


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