Little J baby AKA Monster Toddler AKA Destructo Boy, has his own little language. And it consists only of a handful of words, each of which has about six different meanings, depending on context.

We have taken to repeating what he says, translating it into *real* English, after every phrase he utters, in the hopes that he will one day leave aside his made up words for ones that people other than those who share his house will understand.

So, a random conversation with Josh often sounds like:

J: Daddy! Ya-Ya!!

Me: Daddy’s watching football!

J: Mama! Meh!

Me: Yes, Mommy’s drinking water!

J: Mama! EE-ah meh!

Me: Yes, mommy sees the lake!

J: Mama! Meh!

Me: Mommy, please get me some milk!

J: Daddy! Ya-Ya!

B: Look! I’m jumping on Daddy who is lying unsuspectingly on the floor!

Josh Glossary:

Ya-Ya: broken, hurt, scissors, knife, screwdriver, other sharp pointy potentially-wound-inflicting object, or the hole MADE by such an object. also means football or the act of tackling someone, as in football

Meh: water, milk, soda, lake, river, other body of water, and to drink

Gup-ba: food, eat, take my clothes off (normally socks, but can apply to pretty much any object of clothing)

Hot: hot, steam, fire, firetruck

Bah: bus, truck (he said “boo bah” for a while for “school bus” but has somehow left that phrase aside completely now)

Cookie: cookie

and that’s about all. Every single thing he says includes some configuration of the above words. Which means that food, water, screwdriver–what else does one need in life?


4 thoughts on “joshenese

  1. He is fulfilling his chromosomal destiny: Food! Fire! Water! Hit Stuff! Use Tools!

    He is now ready for BBQ 101: Put food over fire. Squirt with water if flames get too high. Smack meat with burger flipping tool. (Can’t you just hear Tim Allen grunting in the background?)

  2. Oh, how funny! No kidding, I took a break from grading final papers to blogsurf a bit, and this entry produced a much-needed belly laugh.

    Mine’s just shy of fifteen months old, so her vocabulary isn’t as extensive (“uh-oh” is the big one right now, and variations include “elbow” and “all done”) and we’ve got some baby signs thrown into the mix (banana, cracker, and more can be distinguished from one another with very close scrutiny), but I certainly understand the situation.

    Thanks so much for this post!

  3. ::laughs helplessly::

    “hot” also meant “cold” last time we talked, and “smoke.”

    your babies are *so* beautiful.

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