greetings from the mount

We arrived safely last night after the 10 hour drive. The kids were fairly well-behaved, if we ignore the moment when Jack dumped an entire extra large bag of Sour Cream and Onion potato chips all over the back seat and the other moment when Josh dumped an enire large box of Wheat Thins into his own seat. We read 7 chapters of Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets and played hangman. During the last half hour of the trip we sang Christmas carols to fend off car sickness, as once we’re off Route 19, Route 82 to Cowen is a narrow, twisty-turny, up-and-down lovely WV country road. When we lived here and traveled thusly (twisty-turny, up-and-down) on a daily basis, our stomachs and eustachian tubes could take it. Now our lame constitutions cannot hack it, and everyone but the driver turns green and hangs their heads out the closest window, fighting off the urge to hurl.

Or, as we did yesterday, we roll all the windows down to let the 30 degree air soothe us, and sing Up On the Rooftop for several rounds before making up our own verses.

Now at mom’s, we sit close to the woodstove and the kids do crafts while I read National Geographic. We play rummy and argue good-naturedly about rules. Brian chops wood and mom makes Chex Mix. When I’m done with the NG, I’ll get to the several books I schlepped down to read for exams.

More later.


One thought on “greetings from the mount

  1. Here I have lots of empathy: Route 19 in northern WV is not a ride for the fainthearted (or weakstomached). And I also have a parallel experience when I go back to WV: I chicken out on the mountainous turns on I68 (an interstate! between Oakland MD and Morgantown WV. The speed limit is 70, but I go as slow as 60 around some of those turns–on the way in. By the time I’m heading back to NY, I’m reacclimatized, whizzing along without a second thought.

    Anyhoo, hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving.

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