how this day was good

I managed to not have to run this morning, as it was raining and cold. That’s as good an excuse as any when you don’t feel like going out in the first place.

I saw an entire rainbow–the whole arch–on the interstate. The backdrop, a wall of purple, urgent-looking clouds, made the sight all the more fascinating. I didn’t wreck while staring at it.

I cashed in on my three free bagels from the Halloween run…and then proceeded to eat all three in the span of about 6 hours (breakfast, lunch, mid-day snack).

I locked myself out of my car (A-Freakin-GAIN; this is #3 for me THIS SEMESTER) and was able to break in with some random key on my ring. I swear, I don’t know what this key is really supposed to go to, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before in my life. But I jammed in the lock and giggled it hard, and POP it went. Damn, I’m good. (Or, damn, I’ve had a lot of practice breaking into my own car.) And there’s one excuse for having unknown, useless keys on your ring.

I pulled over on S Beech on my way home because the car sounded like it had a flat tire. Nope, no flat, just some sticks stuck in the wheel.

It snowed some icy-stuff, but nothing stuck and it wasn’t treacherous driving home.

I stopped to have the hairy monster marching across my forehead tamed into something that vaguely resembles two eyebrows.

I haven’t eaten ONE PIECE of chocolate since Halloween–over a week now. I also stopped drinking coffee (zingers instead), and have been really trying to cut out the sugar. I had a particularly bad run-in with a wicked cup of coffee last week that literally left me trembling, and I’m not sure if it was the caffeine, the sugar, the mixture of the two, or some other screwy thing (or combination of things) I ingested. But it was sucking–I couldn’t even speak evenly, and my legs were all wobbly–so I figured I better give all the crap a break. I’ve been feeling rather splendid, kind of light and calm-y, and today, which maybe could have been crap, was actually rather good.

And now we gear up for a trek to Baltimore for an early Thanksgiving with B’s family.

Does life EVER stop? Don’t answer that.


2 thoughts on “how this day was good

  1. I’m hesitant (no I’m not…it’s me) to say precisely who among us might pick up the slack re coffee and sugar, but let’s just say some folks rachet up the coffee and sugar ingestion, esp. during end-o-semesters (the final five weeks).

  2. I know it’s yet another expense, but my AAA membership saved me a few times during my time in the Great Frozen North.

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