wherein I seemingly embarrass my friends until they notice that *I’m* the one who came in last

The official results from the Bruegger’s Bagel Halloween run are in. Well, official as you can get for this run, apparently.

never certified, never will be
Baldwinsville, New York October 30, 2005
administered by the Syracuse Track Club.

(yes, when you run with me, I post your time. 🙂
246 DEB PATTERSON 36 F 27:57 9:01
398 GALE C. JOHNSON 38 F 32:08 10:22
404 HEATHER SHEARER 30 F 32:19 10:26
405 MODELINE YONKER 29 F 32:21 10:26

I think it is high-larious that they spelled my name “Modeline.”

Deb and I talked during our run this weekend about the bagel race and how really it can’t be anything but a fun run–there is no way you can run your best on a course where you must wait to get in and then get stuck behind people because you can’t pass.

Not that I did a whole lot of passing, but still. I did a little.

It’s Deb’s turn to find and register us for the next run, and she’s getting a little crazy about it. She found a run called the “Last Chance” on December 17th. (I told her we should skip December!!) Here’s a snippet from the description of the 8-miler:

“Run on beautiful snowy, icy trails. Fall down and get up. Step in ice water streams that have no safe crossing. Climb over, under and around fallen trees.”

Gah. The problem is that I can’t let her get crazier about running than I am, and if she’s signs us up, I’m in. I suppose I should find some good plastic bags to wrap my feet in, eh?


4 thoughts on “wherein I seemingly embarrass my friends until they notice that *I’m* the one who came in last

  1. The folks holding the race consider that description an *inducement*??

    Of course, the very idea of running–and not to catch a bus–makes me tired.

  2. Take a page from that Rocky movie where he fights the Soviet bad guy and run through the snow with a log hoisted across your shoulder. Stop every once in a while to chop a cord of wood or two. If you do, I will follow behind in a dog sled humming a stirring sound track.

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