Greetings from sunny Atlanta, where I will, in T-minus 1 hour and 40 minutes, present on a panel on Maternity and Mothering. πŸ™‚

So far my “vacation” has been pleasant. I flew in yesterday and (“boy are my arms tired!!”) found my way to my hotel via MARTA. The place I’m staying is a swanky Regency, and I have a WHOLE king-sized bed to my little self. (I may keel over with delight.)

I met with a friend from undergrad last night and we walked a couple blocks to a great Indian restaurant, had some curry and sag wala and some merlot. We caught up, laughed a whole lot, and I realized how OLD we both are. Her son, who was 2 when we first met, is now in middle school.

Also and indicator of how old I am: I got back to my room at about 10, and after talking to B on the phone for a while, could barely keep my eyes open long enough to watch any TV. And I slept fitfully, somehow unable to get comfortable without having a toddler kicking me in the back and whumping me with his forehead.

B reported this morning, however, that Josh SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. WTF. Geez.

This morning I walked the 6 or so blocks to the hotel where SAMLA is to scope out my room and make sure I could work the projector. Of course, the room had no projector, and the organizer lady, who was calm and not NOT unfriendly, told me there was never a request for one. She then said, after I smilingly showed her the emails I sent, that she would see what she could do. Whew. And now I’ve got what I need, and I’m set up to go. Now I just wait, and wish away the butterflies.


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