we didn’t break our record

I got an email from B today–he broke down this morning and turned on the heat. So, I was curious and I looked into my archives to see when we turned it on last year (love that! blog as keeping track of my own life!!) and as it turns out, we lasted for exactly the same number of days into autumn last year as we did this. This exact day, one year ago.

Again, if we didn’t have the little one, we probably could hold out longer. Then again, B is rather, um, UNinsulated as far as bodies go, plus he’s a transplanted southern beach boy, and he frankly has no tolerance for the cold. Whatsoever. It makes him cranky.

Me, though. I’ve grown up under various climactic conditions: midwest, Carribean, southeast. Living in Puerto Rico and then SE Virginia (in the spring fall and summer) was hot, humid, sweaty, etc. And for someone who physiologically always has skin rubbing together SOMEWHERE (me), being sweaty is generally sucky. I love sweaters and jeans and wool socks and turtlenecks and bulky clothes (don’t get me started on those no-waisted, nearly-bikini-wax-requiring jeans women are supposed to wear these days). I don’t mind the cold as much.

I will miss being able to toss the kids outside to play with little thought to whether they’ve got shoes on or not.

I will miss running without my glasses fogging up, my nose running, my fingers freezing and having to wear my “geek vest.”

But it’s cold. There’ll be snow, and ice, and wind that will cut through pretty much whatever I wear as I walk the near-mile from my car onto campus.

But I can wear scarves!


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